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  1. Click Manage Orders.
  2. Click Order Patient Samples.
  3. Click on the Ordering Provider box.
  4. Choose the correct Ordering Provider name to add to the order.
  5. Enter the patients name. Last name, First name.
  6. Enter patients Date of Birth.
  7. Enter the patients Gender.
  8. Enter patients Address.
  9. Click Patient Insurance.
  10. A pop up will appear.
  11. Choose Add an Insurance Plan.
  12. A pop up will appear.
  13. Enter the name of the Insurance Plan in the Insurance Plan box.
  14. Choose the correct Insurance Plan by clicking on the plan in Blue.
  15. A new pop up will appear.
  16. Click Select.
  17. A new pop up will appear.
  18. Enter the Policy Number.
  19. Enter the Group Number.
  20. Click Relationship to Insured. If the patient is not the policy holder choose from Spouse, Parent, Child, or Other. Then enter all of the information required in the Red fields.
  21. If the patient is the policy holder choose Self.
  22. A pop up will appear.
  23. Click Yes.
  24. This will automatically fill in the required fields.
  25. To complete this section click Save.
  26. Click on the Medications button.
  27. A pop up will appear.
  28. Type in the name of the drug.
  29. Click the name of the drug in the populated field below.
  30. Click outside of the box and click Save.
  31. If patient notes are required click Comments.
  32. A pop up will appear.
  33. Enter the dialog into the box click Ok to save.
  34. Scroll down top Order Choice Search and enter the desired test code or the name in the search box.
  35. To add the test to the order click on the name of the order choice. This will move the item to the Selected Items Field.
  36. Click on Add Selected Items.
  37. Enter the Diagnosis code into the Diagnoses box.
  38. A pop up will appear.
  39. Select the desired Diagnoses code by clicking on the code this will add the code to the Selected Items box. Once all codes have been added, click Add Selected Items.
  40. Scroll to the top of the page to see if the Clinical information button is highlighted. If it is, enter the required information and click Save.
  41. After reviewing the information on the order click Save.
  42. Upon saving, the system automatically creates a print ready requisition form. Click Ok to print.
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