Ammon Labs and TOPAC Host NARCAN Training for Orange Police Department

Ammon Labs, in partnership with The Overdose Prevention Agency Corporation (TOPAC) hosted a NARCAN training session for the City of Orange Police Department on November 28th. Designed to rapidly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, NARCAN is a powerful tool to help stem the deadly scourge of opioid-related overdose deaths confronting our state.  For thousands of residents in N.J., the successful use of NARCAN has helped them receive a second life and pursue treatment for their opioid addictions. For these individuals, the prompt and correct use of NARCAN was truly the difference between life and death.

As one of the hardest hit counties of the state’s ongoing opioid crisis, Essex County has been faced with a drastic increase in the number of opioid-related overdoses over the last several years. Like dozens of other police departments in the county, the City of Orange’s Police Department has been forced to deploy NARCAN on a regular basis, currently averaging about three uses a night. The power of this tool is evident as NARCAN will directly help save almost 1,000 lives this year in Orange alone. Ongoing NARCAN trainings are an integral part of the City of Orange Police Department’s efforts to ensure that all of their officers are properly trained in the use of NARCAN.

The training session covered how to identify someone in the midst of an overdose and the steps that need to be taken to properly administer the life-saving opioid-reversal medication. In addition to facilitating the training, Ammon Labs also donated 40 nasal NARCAN kits valued at $1,500 to the City of Orange Police Department to ensure they have easy access to this powerful tool.

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